Computing Science

Some people prefer to call ComputerScience Computing Science. EwDijkstra: "ComputerScience is as much about computers as astronomy is about telescopes."

As a future computer scientist, I went through the regular conversations with others "why didn't you (go) with comp Eng?". Well, in my opinion, the difference between computer science and engineering is that computer science teaches you to think and become a problem solver, while computer engineering teaches how to deal with microcontrollers. If you follow the news of networking and especially network security problems (i.e. Unix groups) you'll notice that most (if not all) of the problems are solved by either Computer Scientists or Math people who have a great knowledge in computer science. Also, one time I checked the résumés of famous people at AT&T and most of them are computer scientists. I'd like to finish with what a great professor once said: "Get a degree in any computer major (CS CE EE) and then you can work in any area of computing with some efforts." Hi.

funny how you didn't mention math, psychology, cognitive science, visual design, or user interface design. . .

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