Clay Phipps

ClayPhipps is the webmaster for Upwelling (dot) org (indeed he was, but other priorities intervened, and the domain got squatted in the interim. Sigh).

His formal academic background is in the design and implementation of programming languages. He has developed, maintained - or participated in the development team - for

He was an official observer for the Joint X3J9/IEEE P770 Pascal Standards Committee (PascalLanguage) and the X3J2 BASIC Standards Committee (BasicLanguage).

Here on the WikiWikiWeb, he was initially focused on elaborating pages on a few programming languages. But shortly, there seemed a need to create (new) pages related to various computer manufacturers. Although that effort evoked at least 1 (anonymous) inquiry, he focused for a while on them because their identity seemed relevant, e.g.: for hardware features that compilers were designed to showcase, or for programming languages unique to them, or for the popularity of particular programming languages within various manufacturers' user communities. --C.P.


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