Category Business Domain

A category about the business domain, such as accounting, finance, inventory, marketing, tracking, billing, reporting, charting, taxes, etc. They tend to do a lot "tracking" and reporting (searching and summarizing) of objects and money; and generally don't model explicit activity at the physical level (such as weather prediction) except in the abstract sense (ex: "Truck X is carrying box Y"). Generally discrete mathematics is more applicable than continuous, but not in the sense above what managers and owners relate to[1]. The boundaries of the categories or "positions" are generally political (ex: district, "customer", ratings) or intellectual/legal property (ex: ownership). See CustomBusinessApplicationDefinition.

Often one is gluing together existing tools, services, DSL's, and/or API's into a usable unit for a specific purpose. -t

CrudScreens (data edit and reporting UI's) are also sometimes considered a "business-oriented" tool, but can often be found in other domains.

Contrast with CategoryBusiness, which addresses issues such as software pricing, management theory, etc.

[1] Customer purchase pattern statistical analysis and advanced financial prediction models are kind of on the borderline. Arguably those are more in the domain of "statistics" than "business".


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