Brian Ewins

Ex-physicist now working for BT^H^HBuchanan^H^Hidocument (BT got boring and Buchanan went bust, totally my fault). I wrote BazzaWiki a while back, then used it as a knowledge-sharing tool when I was running a team of sysadmins. Right now I'm supposed to be a solution designer, drawing boxes and lines and selling (internal) people big systems. I still code to avoid brain rot. Since I left BT I code a whole lot more (and am happier for it) but I'm still expected to draw too many boxes and lines. Plus ca change.

Some of my stuff has made it onto the net... here: (a guitar tablature typesetting system written in postscript) and here: (tuning patches for a word2xml converter). I also wrote some font lock code for CORBA IDL. This is still floating around the net, but if you come across it, don't use it: someone else came along and did a better job, you should get it with cc-mode these days.

... though mostly I can't code java and perl.


Just demonstrating to tom...


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