At All Costs Project

The topic of this page is Costs of carrying a project. Software projects are OnTopic, but cost issues related to other projects (e.g. engineering) can help to shed light for our discipline as well.

The Costs of interest is often financial, but there can be other costs that may have an indirect bearing on the financials. An example could be that of a project, after implementation, resulted in a big drop in morale of the affected workers. That drop in morale translate to productivity and indirectly affect bottom line later on.

I have seen the DoIt AtAllCostsProject pattern repeated too often, that this page is dedicated to sharing information on the costs of an AtAllCostsProject.

Inspiration for this page

I was watching a Discovery Channel program on Engineering marvels, and at the time they were profiling the intricacies of the Massachusetts Boston "Big Dig" project. My ears perked up when it was mentioned the project was done at SIX TIMES the budget. Not sixty percent over.

It was also amazing to hear that one person commented that "in a few years time, nobody would have remembered the costs involved, and would have marveled at the achievements made.

HalfBakedAttemptsLeadNowhere or HalfFinishedWorkLeadsToCollaboration?

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