As We May Think

VannevarBush described his MemexVision in The Atlantic Monthly, July 1945. The following link is to an HTML version by Denys Duchier, University of Ottawa, April 1994. Updated August 1995, Simon Fraser University.

There is also a plain-text version at: The article is also available from The Atlantic Monthly's Web site:

In 1995, to mark the 50th anniversary of the publication of AsWeMayThink, MIT hosted an invitation-only symposium. The symposium's web site is still online ( Though there are little more than abstracts of the various presentations available, there is inspiration to be found there.

TimBernersLee delivered a talk entitled "Hypertext and Our Collective Destiny". For information about this talk, including an approximation of the text, see:

See also HyperTextHistory


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