Anecdote Impasse

An AnecdoteImpasse is where one side presents their anecdotes and personal experience and so does the other side as counter evidence. Without further direct evidence, there's often little use in discussing the anecdotes further.

Out of human nature, sometimes we forgot to realize that our own personal experience does not automatically trump others' personal experience. We should learn to respect others' experience and let both (or multiple) sides of the story stand without making it into something personal. LetTheReaderDecide which anecdote they favor or which best matches their own experience, and let it go.

There's something unique about AnecdoteImpasse's that generates tension and repetition of argument more so than other debate snags.


(Disclaimer: I personally coined the term to factor a commonly-used statement pattern of mine to one place in the name of OnceAndOnlyOnce, and don't claim it's common, universal, or vetted on this wiki.)

See also BookStop, EvidenceTotemPole


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