Abelian Group

An abelian group is a commutative AlgebraicGroup. In other words, for all g,h in G, g*h = h*g.

 Q: what's tasty, purple and commutes?
 A: an abelian grape.

A friend of mine had the project of enumerating all possible Mathematical Fruit Jokes. I think he found four in total, but I can only remember three; this one, "What's yellow and equivalent to the axiom of choice?" and (more obscure) "What's green and determined up to isomorphism by its first Chern class?". -- GarethMcCaughan

Max Zorn's grandson, Eric, is a reporter for the Chicago Tribune. He wrote a touching piece on Max after his grandfather died. He also wrote the often-pirated piece Math Riots Prove Fun Incalculable after the initial announcement of Wiles' FermatsLastTheorem proof.



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